About Melissa

Psychic Healer, Mentor & Teacher

In 1:1 mentoring, Melissa uses an intuitive blend of energy healing, psychic channeling, belief & mindset work, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, productivity systems and spiritual practices to help you connect with your true self & your guides to evolve into the best version of yourself. Details here: The Chrysalis

Melissa also teaches her signature approach to healing in her enhanced Reiki energy healing certification course, Heightened Healing. Her mission is to ensure that her students emerge from her course as ethical, powerful, confident and prosperous practitioners.

In the Conscious Creatrix Coven, Melissa’s online community of witches, she hosts new & full moon rituals, healing workshops and regular card reading & channeling sessions live.

Get to Know Melissa...

Her Qualifications:

EFT / TFT Tapping Practitioner Certificate (2018)
Professional Neurolinguistic Practitioner Certificate (2018)
Professional Accredited Life Coaching Certificate (2016)
Usui Reiki Master Certificate - Levels I, II, III (2016)
BA Honours Degree English Literature & Italian Studies (2013)

Her Story:

As a highly sensitive child, Melissa struggled with anxiety from a young age & addiction in her teens. It took her a long time to embrace her sensitivity & turn them into her superpower and really lean into her psychic abilities, but once she did, there was no turning back.

When she first discovered energy healing, it was as if she reawakened a dormant power. Melissa’s method developed through her own psychic abilities, and she later learned that she performs healings the same way her Italian ancestors did. Folk magic in Italy has been around for millennia, and while some witches used herbal remedies, others would heal by entering a trance, finding blocks, clearing them & receiving guidance on how to continue the healing & growth journey - exactly the way Melissa’s healing method developed intuitively!

She was born and raised in Montreal, her mother is of Italian origin & her father is French-Canadian. When she first visited Italy at age of 21, the deep knowing that she was meant to be there settled into her being. She returned the year later and met her (now) husband the first day of the trip.

She now lives by the sea in Riccione with her husband and dog.

Her Values:

Against Oppression & White Supremacy


Apply for a Scholarship:

Each year, five scholarships are awarded to BIPOC+ students with financial hardships. If that’s you, simply send an email to  [email protected] to apply for a scholarship for either The Chrysalis 1:1 program or the Heightened Healing program.

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