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Kickstart your healing journey with ease with this expertly curated 9-day meditation journey & workbook complete with journal prompts, healing exercises & extra resources to guide you on your path to clarity, success & peace.


Oh hey! I'm Melissa Hetu

Guiding visionaries to their true power since 2016.

I use Reiki energy healing, mindset & belief reprogramming tools such as EFT (tapping), hynotherapy, past life regression and channelling to empower empaths to step into the confidence, stability and abundance they crave.

How You Can Work With Me

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"I found myself in dire need of finding clarity on my goals and vision. I needed to free up clutter. Melissa helped guide me while I was restoring my vision. I was able to truly receive the confirmations I was needing to hear. Melissa was able to give me the essential tools needed in order for me to learn how to manifest my goals and dreams. I was able to free myself from bondages, which brought peace into in my mind, welcoming freedom into my life."

Mandy M.

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