Proceed ONLY if you're ready to dive into a life you're totally obsessed with


Welcome to The Chrysalis

The Intensive 90-Day Program for Empathic Visionaries

It's for YOU if...

  • You're working on manifesting your desires, but something isn't quite right
  • You're doing self care and personal development, but not seeing "results"
  • You feel trapped in the same destructive (& frustrating!) patterns
  • You're dreaming about doing work you’re passionate about, but don’t know where to start
  • You're sure you're blocked on some level, yet you can't put your finger on what that is or how to move past it
  • You're done procrastinating and spinning your wheels, and you're ready to finally have what you want and deserve
  • You're ready to receive the peace, stability, clarity and abundance that is your birthright!

Listen... forget what you know.

You are free.
You are beyond powerful.
You are incredibly psychic.
You are a beaming pillar of light.

And I want to reconnect you with that.

Imagine feeling the rush of…

Boundless confidence

A strong knowing you get what you want more rapidly and accurately than ever

Profoundly healing your mind, body and soul

Developing your psychic abilities and always feeling guided & deeply supported

Standing fully in your limitless power, operating from that space & effortlessly calling in the life you dream of

That’s how you'll emerge from The Chrysalis ✨

It’s a simple equation:

You + Me + 90 Days =

Those *exact* results 🤯

This is an intensive coaching program for badass empaths like you.

We use a wide variety of tools and techniques to reprogram your mindset and beliefs, profoundly heal emotional trauma, strengthen your intuition AND step into clarity, confidence, momentum & delicious AF alignment with who you truly are.

I'll be by your side the whole way through and there will never be any doubt about what to do next, and you’ll liberate yourself on a whole new level.

"I knew I was missing something, but I couldn’t get a grip on my life. I had a concussion and severe health issues, I was struggling with depression and anxiety. I was searching for a way to stabilize my emotions and fix my life. Now [after working together], I have the means within myself to do whatever it is that I desire. Not only that, now I have the tools to do so. I am aware of my guidance system and how to use it. Melissa saved my life. I was going crazy when she met me. My life has improved 100% and is still improving everyday. Haven’t looked back since I started working with Melissa."

Kimrah M.
Ascension Coach, Author & Artist

How It Works

1. Listen to your gut & fill out the short application form linked on this page and you'll be contacted to schedule a powerful 15 minute chat with me.

2. If we just know it's perfectly aligned for both of us to move forward with this life-changing program, we get you officially signed up and we begin immediately diving into your Chrysalis journey.

3. You will receive immediate access to your personalized online portal, fill our questionnaires so I can serve you best & we schedule our first intensive coaching session!

4. Fast forward 3 months & you emerge from the Chrysalis to spread your wings, equipped to step confidently into the life of your dreams.

"Before working with Melissa, I felt so up in the air about everything with little to no direction on what I even wanted for my future! I also didn't really know what was possible. I learned so many tools and techniques, I stopped doubting myself, I genuinely feel better about my life and I feel like I have become a spiritual badass! I started this program to get more in touch with my spiritual side and get clear with my relationship and career intentions & goals, but I left with MORE than I could dream of. This confidence boost is what I needed to move forward with my life. I’m SO grateful to have met Melissa and joined this program. "

Brianna K.
Registered Dietician & Nutritionist

I know you're ready for this.

Together We Will Cover (& UNcover!):

Clarity of Vision

Via deep hypnosis and various life coaching techniques, you'll be clearer than ever on your aligned soul mission, your purpose, you vision of your ideal life and your path of least resistance moving forward. Everything you learn to gain clarity and reconnect with your vision are precious tools you can use for the rest of your life to nudge yourself back onto your path if you ever stray.

Processing Your Past

We've all got baggage. And chances are, yours is holding you back from living the life you dream of. Together, we will process and release pain, trauma and limiting beliefs. It's time to remove the cords that hold you back. Using energy healing,  life-coaching & spiritual tools, EFT (tapping), hypnosis and past life regression, we will chip away at the pain you've held onto (often for lifetimes!) so you can flourish into the evolved, fully free version of yourself!

Belief Reprogramming

What you attract or manifest into your life is directly based on what you BELIEVE you deserve, or is possible for you. In order to raise the bar and allow in what you truly desire, we need to change our beliefs: replacing limiting beliefs with empowering, abundant beliefs. To do so WILL take work, but techniques such as EFT (tapping), life coaching exercises using NLP, and personalized daily rituals will make it so much faster & easier.

Increasing Intuition & Psychic Abilities

The key to clarity and leveraging the Universal law of attraction is to constantly be in communication with your inner being, your guides, angels and Source (or God, Goddess, All That Is, etc.). During our time together, you will develop your psychic abilities and increase your intuition by implementing spiritual practices, creating a powerful (yet quick & simple) daily self-care routine and various other tools.

Upleveling Your Entire Lifestyle

We take a totally holistic approach in this program to ensure that no aspect of your life is out of alignment with the majestic, badass being that you truly are. Depending on your needs, we will address nutrition, mindful movement, mental health, emotional well-being, relationship dynamics and so much more. Through simple tweaks and sustainable changes, your entire lifestyle will get the vibrant refresh you crave!

Goal Mastery & Inspired Action

Struggling with consistency and follow-through will become a thing of the past. During our time together we will unlock your personalized system to give you endless motivation and help you tap into inspired action so that everything you do feels effortless and has the most impact. By implementing this system, you'll let the Universe provide for you and get more accomplished than ever before.

Mastering Manifestation

As a manifestation specialist, I will guide you understand exactly how you can finally make manifesting even your most "far-fetched" desires effortless. You'll get lifetime access to my home-study course in which you will learn the art of deliberate creation, build a lifestyle that leverages the law of attraction, and begin implementing practical techniques in order to break free and finally get what you want and deserve out of life.

Deep Multi-Level Healing

Guiding the entire process will be three intense distant psychic energy healing sessions. In these sessions, I will provide a complete reading of all your chakras, receive guidance from your guides, angels and/or passed loved ones and clear away blocks and stagnant energy. It is different, yet exceptionally powerful every single time. Cord removal, soul retrieval, light code activations, energy upgrades, timeline healing, inner child healing, past life healing, generational healing are all extremely common in these sessions. The information & guidance we receive from these sessions will be the foundation for the rest of the work we do together, as it is divinely guided.

"I made a life changing decision to cut the BS & work on myself, my dreams and goals, face my fears, start to really live and learn about what truly matters in life. And the person I chose to work with, Melissa, went above and beyond my expectations of showing me what I'm capable of. She is amazing beyond words, the most caring and sweetest person, but always holds me accountable."

Christina H.
Integrative & Holistic Nutritionist, Coach

Program Features

  • 3 90min Psychic Energy Healing sessions
  • 3 90min Potent Belief Reprogramming sessions (EFT, hypnosis &/or regressions)
  • 6 60min Intensive Coaching sessions
  • Monthly Workbooks with Exercises and Journal Prompts
  • A Personalized Portal with endless Systems, Resources, Rituals, Exercises for Growth, Healing & Momentum
  • Access to anything I launch throughout the duration of the 90 days
  • On-demand access to me via Voxer, text or message from Mon-Fri

Total Investment: $1888 USD

(Or 4 Payments of $522)

About Me

After completing my degree in English Lit & Italian, I struggled to find my path.

I studied coaching & helped hundred of women with the health & fitness, but noticed I preferred focusing on spirituality & mindset.

I followed the call to learn the healing arts, manifestation, spirituality, productivity, and neuroscience in order to empower healers, leaders and empaths across the world.

I live on the Adriatic coast of Italy with my husband and pup, soaking up beach time and nature walks as much as I can.

I've created several online courses, hosted live events, and have attuned Reiki practitioners all over the globe, yet my BIG passion remains working one on one long term with powerful beings like you!

Nothing beats witnessing someone wake up to their own potent magical abilities. As someone who shied away from her psychic healing abilities for too long, I know what it's like to be unable to see or step into our own power.

But now is the time to claim YOUR birthright, so apply TODAY!