Time to Reset & Rise

5 days of Reiki-charged meditations, deep-diving journal prompts and mega vibe clearing, healing & raising for the enlightened empath & lightworker.


Are you feeling drained, overwhelmed, #overit, stuck or lost?

This is your perfect opportunity to press "reset" on your vibe and rise above it all to gain clarity, balance your emotions, heal on all levels, and hone your manifestation superpowers! Here's how it works...

Reiki-Charged Meditations

Clear, heal and empower yourself with a total of 5 daily Reiki-charged meditations sent straight to your inbox (+ bonus moon meditations!)

Powerful Journal Prompts

The course workbook has a daily page of journal prompts that will bring you the clarity and awareness you've been craving!

Spiritual Toolbox & Resources

You get exactly what you need to confidently continue busting through fears and blocks, & building positive momentum

The Power of Your Mind

Limited beliefs and fears that we hold on to create tension, physical ailments and block us from manifesting our desires. In this course, we use meditation to tap into the unlimited power of your mind to bust through all of that.

Crystal Clear Intuition

You are being guided by the Universe and your guides all the time, but often we disconnect from that divine wisdom in our rushed daily lives. Using daily journal prompts, you will reconnect with that guidance and find the clarity and confidence you seek.

Melissa Hetu as your Guide!

As a mindset coach and Reiki master energy healer, Melissa has used her extensive experience to specially curate this mini-course to help you discover your own superpowers and self-healing abilities, and bring you peace and inspiration on your journey. 

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This super quick & easy 5-day course

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